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Познаем мир HD


Great app

My daughter loves this app

Nice ap

My daughter likes all the sounds and matching.


I have an 18 month old she loves all the smart apps.

Smart flash


Great App

My daughter loves this app!!


Room for improvement but still worth using for a toddler

Good but how open locked?

My 20 month old loves this but I cant unlock the locked cards. How do I buy?

18 mo old loves it

She uses the app all the time and loves the sounds. I love the quiz portion. A little disappointed that French isnt an option, would also Like to have Greek but realize that is more rare.


Excellent app for learning! My son loves it!!

100% amazing

I have a 2 1/2 year old nephew and he loves this app, he always asks me if he can play it and honestly just hearing him make all the noises along with the game and just seeing him thrive is amazing, I completely recommend this to any kid 2 years or older of age

Love the app

My 18 months son loves the app and he has a lot of fun with the quiz section. The only critic is that I cant figure out how to unlock the other categories, as it keeps redirecting me to other apps.


My baby loves this app. Shes only 10 months and goes crazy anytime I open it❤️❤️❤️

Great app!

Keeps my grandson very entertained.

Flash cards

Both girls love this app


My son loves this game!

Love it

This entertains my tall there while she learns – perfect!

Good app to learn

My 2 year old loves this app :)

Great app!

My 19 month old cant get enough of this app! He loves when the people clap for him when his answer is correct. The voice is easy for him to understand so that he is able to pick the correct animal.

Good game

My 2.5 year old really likes this. Plays for 5 min at a time. Would probably play longer if I unlocked more cards!

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